A Happy Update for Spooky Moon

Getting her final set of x-rays

Two months ago, I shared with you the story of our club’s generous funding of the rehabilitation of Spooky Moon. (If you haven’t read about it, I encourage you to do so now.)

At the time of that original article’s publication, Spooky Moon had been in the care of TRRAC for a little over two weeks. She had seen some progress, even in the early stages of her rehab. Now I’m pleased to announce that not only has she completed her rehab, but she also has found her forever home!

Spooky Moon and her new owner

At the end of May she had her final set of x-rays, which showed that the fracture had healed fully. This cleared her to be placed in a new home. She is moving to a farm that is located near TRRAC, where she will experience new adventures and will be able to “just be a horse”.

I am so grateful to Aftercare Charles Town, who helped us with this partnership and gave our grieving club members a way to direct their energy and money. Because of our club’s generosity, we can say that we helped Spooky Moon heal and head to a second career.

We wish Spooky Moon and her new owner all sorts of happiness!

Heading to her forever home!