How We Can Help the OTTB Community

At Wasabi Ventures Stables, we are dedicated to safe and secure aftercare not only for our own horses but for all horses. As such, almost every week we promote a retired racehorse who is available for adoption. We also interview aftercare groups on a regular basis to promote their programs.

With the impact of COVID-19 affecting so many people and businesses, I decided that this month rather than interviewing a new group, I’d reach out to aftercare groups whom I’d previously interviewed to see what they need in these challenging times. Below I have listed suggestions that were shared with me. When possible, I’ve included links to make things as simple as possible.

Additionally, for at least the next month, every weekday we will highlight one OTTB who is available for adoption via our social media channels. Getting these horses adopted not only provides a forever home for those horses, it also provides spots for other horses that need to be transitioned from racetrack to second career or retirement.

Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue– Their suggestions are cash donations, gift cards, choosing them as your Amazon Smile charity (every time you shop, they earn money), or purchasing an item on their donations list.

Beyond the Wire– The best way to help this group is with a donation, which you can do via this link.

MidAtlantic Horse Rescue– In my conversation with this group, Beverly highlighted a few important notes. First, these groups aren’t receiving regular funding from racing and sales. Second, most groups are at max capacity with horses and are concerned about the needs of more horses via early retirements and adoption returns. Their ask is for donations, sent either to them (click here) or the TAA, which accredits many OTTB groups.

New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program– Like all groups, New Vocations is glad to have cash donations. They also recommend promoting them and their adoptable horses on social media. You also can volunteer, both to assist with horses if you have applicable skills or to work at one of their upcoming events.

Retired Racehorse Project– Their first request is to send cash donations to support aftercare. They also recommend sharing social media posts of adoptable horses. Additionally, if you will be retiring a racehorse, they encourage using a contract to insure the horse’s future safety. You can request a copy of a sample contract from RRP.

This Old Horse– They have had to cancel three of their fundraisers. However, their Run the for the Roses 5k is now virtual. You can sign up to “run” from your street, couch, etc. They also have a new Facebook page for their new initiative, Racehorse Reimagined. Please like and share the page.

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance– The first recommendation from them is quite simple: Don’t abandon your horse. If you need to retire a horse, work with an OTTB group. Continue to donate to TAA or TAA-accredited programs to support horses.

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation– If you want to give an item, you can purchase wormers for the TRF. They recommend using this website for the best pricing. (Be sure to contact the TRF for the shipping address.) They are also glad to accept cash donations.

Please help however is best for you!