Jeff Musgrove

Jeff Musgrove is one of our graduate club members, meaning he buys 20% or more of our horses!

What attracted you to the horse racing industry?

I was lucky to have a Father and an Uncle who loved horse racing and would take me to Pimlico as a kid almost every weekend. So, I grew up loving the sport and had a goal of one-day having ownership in a racehorse. My Father and Uncle have both passed away and I have reached the goal of horse ownership as a tribute to them

What aspect of horse racing do you enjoy the most?

The connection to the amazing athletes that are the racehorses. To be able to have an ownership in a horse and watch them grown and mature from a yearling or 2-year old into a racehorse is special. The thrill of having a horse win a race and take a Winner’s Circle photo makes all of the investment (both emotionally and financially) worth it….

Why did you join the Wasabi Ventures Co-Owner Club?

I found Wasabi based on my previous ownership in Participate when she won the race on Maryland Million Day. When I lost Participate in a claiming race it broke my heart and I continued to follow her. I saw that an outfit called Wasabi claimed her at one point and said, “Who are they?”.  Once I did the research and found out the business model that TK and the team created I was amazed and knew I needed to be a part of it. It has gotten better and has been cool to be a part of the growth

Who is your favorite horse?

I feel like this is kind of like asking who is your favorite child…. But I have to say that I have two- as I mentioned, Participate will always have a special place in my heart (I am lucky enough to own part of her now as a Broodmare). And I also have to admit that I have a special connection with Sudden Brilliance. 

What issues in the industry would you like to see addressed?

I would like to see the industry overall embrace the kind of model that Wasabi is delivering- engaging folks in the community that is horse racing and ownership. It is easy to get caught up in the negatives of the industry for those not involved, but I think that the future is getting folks easy ways to engage and get exposure to the animals and the teams that care for them and train them. That will lead to a business model that places the health and safety of the animals first and still allows for a successful business model- that is the key to a long term future.