Kind of a Big Dill- Part 6

As we shared earlier this year, Dill lacerated his fetlock pretty nicely when he was turned out in January. It’s been a crazy uphill battle with the healing process. When his trainer, Samyi, thought it was healed and Dill was ready to work, it bust open again. Then they really thought the start of August was it. But unfortunately again they started their training adventure, and it re-busted.

After conversations with his vet, he was placed on 12 hours stall and 12 hours small paddock turnout with no riding for 4–5 weeks. This has left Dill and Samyi with hardly any time to prepare safely or properly for RRP. She also did not want to rush the healing. So as of mid-August, Samyi decided that they need to scratch for RRP. However, he is eligible for next year, hopefully.

According to Samyi, “He’s taught me so much with the healing process, and we have a connection and a trusting bond like I’ve never had before.”

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