Meet Christopher Boyd

1.What attracted you to the horse racing industry?

Around the early 1980s, I went to Laurel Park for the first time with my parents. They had a friend that had racehorses. Ever since then, I was hooked. I would visit here and there a few times a year. About 20 years ago, I started visiting different racetracks to drop a wager and watch. And now it continues to a weekly event and as Co-owner and Ambassador with Wasabi.

2.What aspect of horse racing do you enjoy the most?

The thrill of the emotional swing, the excitement and the thunder as they speed by you standing on the rail after you handicapped your top selection.

3.Why did you join the Wasabi Ventures Co-Owner Club?

About a year ago, I saw Wasabi as an owner in the program. I did some research on the group, as I was not familiar with them. I liked what I was reading. And now, here we are. Wasabi allows us to live our own dream as a co-owner.

4.Who is your favorite horse?

I have always liked A.P. Indy, Malibu Moon, Ben’s Cat, and, because of seeing him live at Belmont for the Triple Crown in 2018, I have to say “Justify”.

5.What issues in the industry would you like to see addressed?

I would love to see incentives to bring the young crowd to the tracks to interest them and get involved in wagering. In return, that would produce higher handles, higher purses, larger fields and improvements to facilities.

6.What is the most exciting part of being an ambassador?

Being part of a team that has the compassion and knowledge to take our sport to the next level with the ability to share any knowledge online as well as at tracks with our members.