Michael Keaveney

  1. What attracted you to the horse racing industry?

I was a more casual racing fan as a youth, but when I moved closer to Monmouth Park and started attending more often, I wanted to experience that partial ownership provides.

2. What aspect of horse racing do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy handicapping the most, particularly when able to do it with groups of friends or family.

3. Why did you join the Wasabi Ventures Co-Owner Club?

When looking for joining a syndicate, I wanted to find a group that was within my price range but still offered access and knowledge about the horses you’re a co-owner of.  I found Wasabi offered the most straightforward process to becoming a co-owner, and enjoy the slack messaging channels and the features the app offers.

4. Who is your favorite horse?

I’ll pick my grandfather’s favorite – Kelso.  I suspect my answer may change when Wasabi arrives at Monmouth Park this summer, I’m very excited to see horses I co-own race live.

5. What issues in the industry would you like to see addressed?

I think the creation of a national body that would be able to create a unified set of rules would help toward reducing the rest of the problems that have recently plagued horse racing.  With the recent news, it seems that the industry must also do more to enhance drug testing – but with each state acting separately, it will be difficult to stay a step ahead of those who wish to cheat.