Peyton Place- Update 13

Submitted by Alyssa Kelly

Since our last update, Peyton has been braving the terrible snow and ice storms in Maryland. This meant no foxhunting or fun trail riding, so we were stuck indoor all month. I am very grateful for the indoor that we have, which enables us to be able to still ride in the terrible winter months, but it gets a tad boring from time to time. I think Peyton enjoys the outdoors for foxhunting and paper chases more.

We were very excited to be able to show at C-Line Stables again last weekend for their winter jumper show series. Peyton did the 2’3” division with his half-leaser Kaylei and the 2’6” division with me! The first class is a “speed class” which is solely based on the time it takes to jump the whole course plus 4 seconds for every jump pole that falls down. The second class was a “power and speed” class, which the first half of the course is based on keeping the jump poles up, and the second have is based on speed over a designated course.

The last and most exciting class is the “gambler’s choice” class, which gives point values for each jump (between 10 and 35). You jump as many jumps as you can in 45 seconds, which gets added up for your round. At the end of that class there is a “joker” jump that is much bigger than all the other jumps, approximately 2’9” to 3’, which is +50 points if you clear the jump and -50 points if you knock it down. I am pleased to report that Peyton cleared the joker jump!

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