Peyton Place- Update 2

Submitted by Alyssa Kelly

Peyton Place, aka Peyton, has been enjoying the warmer spring weather by going on plenty of trail rides recently. Unfortunately, with the recent Coronavirus quarantine our show schedule has been put on hold for now. Luckily, Peyton is continuously work throughout this downtime, and we have taken advantage of the trails behind our boarding facility. We started with short fifteen-minute trail rides to get him comfortable outside of the ring with the trees blowing and animals running across the trail. Throughout this past month we have worked up to an almost 7-mile trail ride. Peyton has meet plenty of new friends including squirrels, deer, sheep, cows and future racehorses throughout our new trail route. Peyton was also brave to walk into the Great Bohemia Creek. Maybe next time we will go for a little swim! At the conclusion of our trail ride, Peyton learned to walk next to oncoming traffic and was very well behaved! Throughout this quarantine, our trail riding will teach Peyton to be more relaxed in new environments which will help when we finally get to some horse shows! 

​Peyton’s jumping has gotten increasingly better throughout this month. We began the month by trotting a few cross rails to jumping fallen trees on the trail. I am so beyond proud of Peyton’s bravery and willingness to work. Our future plans include more trail riding and hill work to increase fitness. Once the quarantine is lifted, we will participate in a few cross-country schoolings to tackle elements including ditches and banks. I feel that we will be ready for our first horse show as soon as it is safe to travel. Please remember to follow along with Peyton’s second career journey by following the MAHR Team Peyton Place RRP 2020 Facebook page.

Stay Safe!

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