Peyton Place- Update 5

Submitted by Alyssa Kelly

This month of Peyton’s training started with attending our second cross country schooling at St. Augustine Pony Club. At the end of June, Peyton went to his first horse jumper show at Pairadice Equestrian Farm! We had a great time at the horse show. Peyton behaved perfectly in the large horse show environment. We placed second in the 2’-2’3” Power & Speed class, which included a successful jump off and placed 6th in the Gambler’s Choice class.

Through this last month, Peyton and I have been taking weekly dressage lessons, which is teaching us balance and control. Our future plans include attending the Granite Springs Stables Friday night horse show and continue taking our dressage lessons! Unfortunately, the Retired Racehorse Project has been postponed to October 2021. However, that means that Peyton will have extra time to prepare for the 2021 RRP Makeover!

Please visit MAHR Team Peyton Place RRP 2020 Facebook page to follow our training until the new 2021 Mega Makeover! 

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