Supporting Our Horses at All Stages

At Wasabi Ventures Stables as much as we are excited about seeing the winner’s circle, we also are focused on ensuring that each of our horses has a safe and happy retirement. In that vein, Michele Pesula Kuegler has taken on the role of Director of Aftercare.

Michele is a lifelong animal advocate, who now focuses on Thoroughbreds. In the role of Director of Aftercare, Michele has acquainted herself with numerous Thoroughbred retirement programs and has published several interviews with these groups. In the coming months more interviews will be published. Additionally, the social communication team has focused on highlighting OTTBs that are available for adoption. Next, Michele plans to expand this program to include WVS club members. With approximately 400 members, who also are invested in providing the best lives for their horses, a number of volunteer programs are being launched.

First, a donation-based retirement program will be implemented. When any horse leaves Wasabi Ventures Stables, whether to become a broodmare/stallion, via claim or private sale, or is retired, and has a positive return for club members, each member will have the opportunity to donate $5 to the retirement fund. These funds will be used to support accredited retirement groups, such as Beyond the Wire. (These donations are in addition to the contribution WVS makes when a horse is retired.)

Second, each year a one of a kind WV Stables t-shirt will be sold. Within the price of the t-shirt will be a $5-10 markup that will be added to the aftercare fund. These shirts will be custom designed and available only through this fundraising program.

Third, other items will be sold to raise funds for aftercare. The first item that will be offered is a window decal. This item is currently being designed and priced. It will be offered for presale by the end of September.

Michele was fueled to create this program not only due to her own passion for animals but also based on the family-centric feel to the club. “Our club is generous and caring. We have fun racing our horses and care deeply about the animals. I look forward to seeing our club become a frontrunner in supporting aftercare.”

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