Peyton Place- Update 14

Submitted by Alyssa Kelly.

Peyton and I had a very exciting month! We were able to go to our first horse trials to compete in eventing, which consists of dressage, stadium jumping, and cross country. Peyton and I ended up sixth in the beginner novice division (2’6”) at the St. Augustine Pony Club horse trials. I was very proud of Peyton’s demeanor throughout the whole competition; he did not get nervous or upset about the big environment with a lot of different things going on. My goal for the next horse trials is a lower dressage score!

Prior to this event we were able to school the cross country jumps in a clinic with Sally Cousins. In two weeks, Peyton and I will be competing at Mid-Atlantic Horse Rescue’s All Thoroughbred benefit horse show. This horse show is an exclusive competition to only thoroughbreds to show off their post-racing careers and versatility in different disciplines. Peyton and I will be competing in 2’6” jumper class and the dressage suitability class.

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